Welcome to the My Lala Leggings family!


 ****If you have just signed up with our affiliate program, welcome to the My Lala Family! All sign up forms are manually approved and may take up to 24 hours to process. You will receive an email once approved providing you with access to your back office. Please wait for this email.***** 

****You must have a Gmail or Yahoo account, we have found that these work better with our system and other email accounts may not receive emails. If you are already an affiliate and do not have one of these email accounts please create on and add it to your back office. Go to "My Profile" in your back office, click on the "Personal Details" tab and enter your new gmail account for your user name and click SAVE.****

****In order to be paid please make sure to add your payment details to you account. you can do this from your back office by going into the "My Profile" tab and clicking on the "Payment Details" tab please make sure to add your PayPal email address, PayPal me will not work in our system.****

***All affiliates will be paid on Friday days by 9pm PST there is a $10 minimum for weekly payouts. If you do not have $10 in commissions they will remain in your account until you reach the minimum and then you will be paid on the Friday in which it was reached. Please make sure to have the correct PayPal email address registered in your back office. If you were not paid on time you could have the wrong PayPal email address in the back office. Be sure to check this and have the correct email in place, it could take some time to reissue payment.***

***When making a purchase have your customers enter Your Lala ID in the "In the special instructions" section at check out. This is a precaution taken to insure you always get commission, rarely but sometimes, our cookies can be blocked by a persons device so this is an added step to insure commission.****

  • To access your back office
Once approved you can access your back office by going to the website and click affiliate login. From there you will be able to sign into your account.
  • Do we have a FB group for our affiliates
YES! There is only one official FB page for affiliates. Your sponsor will need to add you to this group OR you can email with a link to your FB profile and email addressed used with FB.
  • Information on emailing the company
Please allow up to 24 hours for a response. This is not usually the case but please allow for time for the considered workload.
  • Information about the make of our leggings

Our leggings are made from 92% polyester and 8% spandex - with a high waist elastic band. On some occasions we may have other mixes of fabric from time to time they will be limited marked as such.

  • How to care for your leggings
All customer and affiliate orders will come with a thank you card and care instructions. Leggings should be hand washed and hang dried. My Lala Leggings should not be put in a dryer for any reason.
  • Affiliate commission structure information

You will receive 25% on your personal sales. 5% on your first level sub-affiliates and $5 for each sign up (no commission paid when we run free to join specials)

  • Affiliate discount information
Your code is available to you in your back office. When you use your code no commissions will be paid on that order so please do not give your code out.
  • How much is shipping to the United States?  Standard shipping is 2.99 on all orders

**Currently we do not ship outside of the USA in the future we plan to open this market but in order to keep up with affiliates and customer satisfaction we have decided to slow down this process and focus on homebase!

  • Sales Tax

My Lala Leggings only collects sales tax on orders shipped to addresses in California. You may be responsible for state and local sales/use taxes when filing your tax returns. Please check your local sales tax laws.

  • When will a sale show in my back office
If the purchase was made through your link our system will show your commissions once and order is processed.
    • When will a sub affiliate show in your back office

    If they made a purchase or signed up through your link they will be cookied to you and once approved be automatically placed under you. Please make sure they fill in your name as person who referred you and their order number. These steps are secondary precautionary measures.

    ***This can take a few days to look over and register. If you had someone sign up and they are not showing, please allow a couple of days before contacting ***(They will not show up in your sub-affiliate tree until they are approved. Please allow some time to pass in order for the manual approval process to take place before emailing the affiliates manager.)***

    • Orders may shown multiple times in your back office and some will show as declined

    Our system can catch orders twice to insure commissions and purchases. This decline does not mean the order declined, will show one order approved and another order with the same order number declined. Also if there was a coupon code used the order will show as declined as there is no commissions paid on these orders.

    • Orders placed with an affiliate discount

    When you use your discount code for 25% off you will not receive commissions on that sale. There are no commissions paid on orders with discount codes, this will go for your sub affiliates as well.

    • Sold out items
    Our styles and designs rotate out frequently through the website. Sometimes we will have the ability, to purchase a fast selling pattern and get it back in stock and sometimes we won’t. Many times, when the item is gone, it is gone.
    • Legging inventory and supply
    Because of peak seasons and fluctuating customer and affiliate demand, paired with the need to have many styles and patters available to you. This can sometimes happen, we will always try to have over 100-200 different patterns in stock at all times but may sell out and have a few days with less on the site.(We will get more on quickly)
      • .  New releases and restocked items
      We try to get some new prints weekly! But every month there will be new styles and prints available to you and your customers.
      • Inseams information on our leggings

      KIDS SIZING: SMALL-fits sizes- 4/6  MEDIUM -fits sizes-7/9 LARGE-fits sizes - 10/14 S/M- Ages- 4/7  L/XL- Ages 8 to Junior size 1/2    *Toddler Sizes: S/M 2t-3t  L/XL 4t-5t

      Capris: 17”

      OS: 26” 

      Curvy: 26 1/2"

      ***These are the approximate, un-stretched lengths of out leggings. My Lala Leggings will stretch***

      • How to signed up with us
      1. First place an order for an affiliate package of your choice from the website
      2. Place the name of the person who referred you in the “Who referred you” section of the sign up form.
      3. Understand in can take up 24/48 hours to be manually hand approved.
      4. Once you are approved you will receive an approval email allowing you access to your back office. 

      *If you just set up your PayPal account make sure your Paypal account is confirmed. The money will not transfer until it is approved by PayPal.*

      • Social media site names and restrictions 

      When making your own social media group or page be sure to use My Lala Leggings in the name for instance My Lala Leggings- Your Name. Please do not use just “My Lala Leggings” or replicate a group being used by the company.(This will cause confusion with your customers)

      • Bulk options for affiliate purchasing

      Yes, these will be offered to affiliates randomly through the month and you can also message for special events and be able to buy in bulk for these events. These packs will be at 30-40% off depending on the special and come in orders of 20 or more.

      **You will receive a discount for bulk orders which means you will NOT be paid Commissions on these purchases.***

      • Average shipping and processing times

      Our shipping department works on a 1-3 business day average processing time. Once the order is shipped it can take 2-5 days for USPS to make the delivery. (In general, this is usually a quick process but on both processing and shipping we have left time for shipping to insure proper wait times and manage customer expectations.)

      No purchase necessary to become an affiliate.

      Contact Us!


      Questions about refunds, exchanges & returns- RETURNS@MYLALALEGGINGS.COM

      Questions regarding commissions, sales, and referrals AFFILIATE@MYLALALEGGINGS.COM